The job of a sales agencies is often misunderstood by clients.




Sales Agencies have the daunting task of filling a client’s sales pipeline with highly qualified leads, building stronger client relationships and growing the organization’s ROI at unprecedented rates. These responsibilities often compete and pull sales agencies in multiple directions, which may lead to misconceptions and mistakes that undermine success, and produce failure.


In order to debunk these misconceptions of sales agencies and the work they do. Our sales specialists at 2larnie Solutions have come up with a list of myths you should ignore about the next sales agency you want to grow your business.


A sales team needs to be Wolf of Wall Street extroverts


Sales professionals can go pretty far on a dynamic personality, but so can accountants, lawyers, and news broadcasters. In the long run, charisma or a fun personality simply won’t be enough to sustain any career, not even for sales professionals. Great salespeople who make life long careers out of sales are unique.


Look inside any sales team and you will find a broad range of personalities. There is no “magic personality” that will pre-determine success. Great sales people need drive, sales skills, and above average levels of sales activity on a consistent basis. They are obsessed with becoming successful and are committed to continuously improving themselves and their skills.


A Good Sales Agency Can Sell Anything


A good sales agency knows how to build relationships and connect with prospects one-on-one. They can quickly diffuse concerns, overcome objections and make their customers feel comfortable with their decision to buy.


But that doesn’t mean they can walk into a business and hit a homerun on the first day. To be successful, a sales agency needs to be confident. And to be confident, they need to be experts on the product or service they’re selling. Without sales enablement, even the most skilled and accomplished sales team would flounder.


CV’s are the best way for a sales agencies to screen job candidates.


An effective sales agency maintains a consistent search for qualified candidates to fill the clients hiring pipeline. But rather than only relying on CV’s to screen-out candidates, the best sales agencies understand two things: first, they know that top-performers are always actively and gainfully employed, and too focused on exceeding target than to be consistently updating their CV. Second, they know that CV’s don’t show a candidate’s Sales DNA – the core characteristics that make a person uniquely suited to be a consistent top performer.


While a salespersons certainly has the capacity to show a candidate’s track record of results, they aren’t comprehensive and do a poor job of revealing Sales DNA, which can only be extracted through psychometric testing and behavioural interviewing techniques.


Multi-tasking makes the strategy more efficient.


Multi-tasking is dangerous in a market whereby it is better to be a specialitst or an expert rather than a jack-of-all trades.  Therefore, your sales team should stop what they’re doing and go lock themselves in a room to knock 30 calls, voicemails, texts, and emails off of the to-do list on daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to reach their quota.

If you’re missing your quota, it’s 100% your fault. Many companies have broken cultures, bad management, and products that would never sell in any market.


Money is everything to salespeople.


Most great sales professionals care about their customers more than their commission checks. Yes, that’s right! High performing salespeople have been known to leave jobs not because of money. Because they don’t feel what they are selling is the best product in the market to meet their customers’ needs.

The notion that salespeople are beholden to nothing more than their close rate isn’t just an unhelpful generalization—it’s downright silly. A salesperson is responsible for creating relationships with prospects and ensuring the client is fully satisfied. They know over-promising not only frustrates the rest of the organization, it can jeopardize their personal reputation.

And even if your business model has sales dropping out of the process after handing off the account to development or support, the success of the client relationship is still of great importance to their position. A positive customer experience means a continued relationship, an opportunity for an upsell or an increased likelihood of referrals—and a negative one could come back to haunt them in myriad ways.


Financial incentives alone motivate sales teams.


It’s true that financial incentives motivate sales professionals, but that’s not the whole story. Some agencies might have the mind-set that there is a linear relationship between money and sales, in which they expect to plug in monetary rewards and receive a proportional return from reps.

But human motivation is complex and not machine-like. Intrinsic motivation can be even more powerful than external rewards, and top performing teams have a healthy mix of purpose, autonomy, competition, shared values, team acceptance, and other factors.


Sales Is a Numbers Game


Actually, sales is a numbers game–the harder you work, the more money you make! Lots of sales agencies are obsessed with numbers: how many cold calls on the phone, how many in person, how many appointments, how many sales. We have even seen tons of forms that salespeople have to fill out and hand in at the end of the day.


That’s how the sales agency monitors the salespeople. Does this sound like primary school homework or what? Sales work is about people, not numbers. It’s a lot more like brain surgery than bingo. It’s about research, information and relationships. No, sales is not a numbers game.


Sales Is A Shark Tank


The common myth is that if you don’t like competition, perhaps a career in sales is not for you. However, competition is synonym of ambition and passion, not ruthless world domination. In most of sales departments you would step in, you will find salespeople understanding each other’s, because they know how complicated it is this job (needless to say that managers have a big role in creating the right environment).


In Sales You Make Big Bucks


Now this is a lie. In sales you can have a big bonus only when you perform, if you don’t, your bonus contribution will be quite low.


When I first started looking for jobs in sales, it was in the real-estate market (I was still unsure of what to do with my life). I remember that for an entry level job, they would pay somewhere around 800$ base with uncapped bonus. As I was new to this world, I thought that they were completely crazy. How would I have ever survived with 800$ per month? However, I was looking at the sales world with the eye of a non-salesperson.


Bonus is a big part of every sales job and can be huge as well as zero (depending on the type of sales you do).


Don’t think that salespeople are always enjoying life making big money. They are the one that suffer the most seasonality and laziness, while other people can just “relax” for a week or two in their role and still get the same pay-check.


Anyone Can Do It


Sales professionals are much like a general on the battlefield, an athletic coach at a game, or a chess player at a tournament: they are always thinking ahead, strategizing to determine their next move. Selling requires a desire to create relationships and a willingness to absorb useful research and articulate the results to a client. Not many have the patience and persistence that selling requires. The skills needed for selling (especially technical sales) are not found in many. Talent is innate and cannot be taught.




It’s important to take the time to talk about common misconceptions and myths about sales and sales agencies. Everyday life is made of sales situations and you better start recognizing them and mastering those skills and knowledge needed to be successful. Remember, everything can be learnt, it just needs the right attitude.

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