We all want easy answers. We want one magic approach that will bring us new leads tomorrow. Not all the marketing technologies or strategies will lead you to your best prospects.


Marketing is about attracting people to your brand. The quality of being characterised by vigorous activities and progress. For example, A Coffee outlet named StarBucks entered the market in 2016 and changed the perception of South Africans on the consumption of coffee. They made coffee to be a lifestyle thing and as we know coffee has caffeine and caffeine is addictive, therefore South Africans got addicted and made it a lifestyle thing. The Coffee outlet knew that marketing is about attracting people to your brand and by doing so they used the ECC (Educate, Compare and Close) method that we at 2larnie Solutions apply.


marketing at its best


They come up with ideas as a way to connect with the different individuals in the market. They did so by choosing to do things differently from other coffee shops that already exist, where they have every customers coffee cup personalised with their name or any message they want. If a brand can attract a customer’s attention, they are more likely to facilitate their interest, desire and action. In marketing the brand should prioritise the quality of its offering in order to be able to compete with relating brands.


The Coffee outlet did their marketing research by conducting what we at 2larnie Solutions call RND (Research and Development) to get marketing analysis and based on their findings they decided to use the marketing mix as one of their tools to get leads/customers.


  1. The Coffee outlet marketing mix is a combination of the following factors which are Product, Place, Promotion and Price. These marketing mix support the company’s brand image and competitive advantage and they use them as a way of developing its brand image and popularity. The importance of this marketing tool is to ensure that the firm promotes the right products at the right prices and places. These four components of the marketing mix focus on what the business offers to customers.


marketing success


Online conversations where positive and played a major role in spreading the word about their first opening on South African soil in Rosebank. This approach helped convert anything into everything in terms of the number of customers that they are getting. The online conversations that took place on twitter as a hashtag “StarBucks opens its first store in South Africa”, had coffee lovers queuing unwearyingly in eagerness of what they could expect at the coffee outlet. The results were positive and worked to their advantage. They now have more than a million followers on all of their online media platforms and they use them to show their current products and upcoming events.


In conclusion businesses need to have the successful marketing strategies in order to have a good brand footprint or identity.

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