NAPD Holdings approached 2Larnie Solutions to do their marketing as they felt that they need to expand their brand and branch out into new areas of business and expand their reach within the architecture and interior design industries.

NAPD Holdings Ltd, is a wholly black-owned property and investment holding company that invests, develops and manages premier business properties. The company was founded in 2002 initially as an interior design firm but they branched out into construction and property development.

They then realized that they need to branch out into other areas of business to be able to keep up with the demand from the clients as well as to reach a newer audience to be able to maintain the strength of their brand.

To be able to strengthen their brand image, it was established the website and the overall corporate identity of the company needed to be revamped to be able to draw in the new client base that they were looking to attract.

To do this, NAPD Holdings contacted 2Larnie Solutions to assist with their corporate rebranding, so 2Larnie Solutions was the lead marketing partner that assisted NAPD Holdings with this process.

Together with 2Larnie Solutions a website was developed to create a call-to-action to drive potential clients to the newly rebranded NAPD Holdings.

NAPD Holdings joined the 2Larnie Solutions family in April 2018 and that was when the partnership began.